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A little bit about me;

My fascination and love of wine didn’t stem from one sole defining, revelatory moment but rather a combination of events and people that got me to where I am today. My appreciation lies in the variety of styles and techniques that can be employed in making this wonderful drink. It spans history, is hugely affected by geography and chemistry plays such a wide role that as a subject it can be regarded as multi-disciplinary. Not only this, but wine has an incredible role throughout society bringing people together and breaking down barriers. As a companion to food it can pair with almost any cuisine, ingredient or course. The versatility is what engages me, and along with beer there is no alcoholic drink quite as expansive. I am also a strong believer in accessibility; that lack of knowledge or wealth should not stop anyone from enjoying wine. There are some extremely good examples of fine, affordable wine that are easily accessible to all and I think it's important to highlight these bottles.

My parents are both deal-loving, wine drinkers! One has a strong tendency to the Pinot Grigio section and is sceptical of giving other grapes a go. It's one of the reasons I feel 'Every Glass Matters' has an important place in the ever expanding world of wine. This site is designed to make wine more enjoyable, an insight into other styles and techniques at affordable prices that can be bought in accessible places. Guides to aid understanding and interesting articles that will hopefully be engaging.

There have, of course, been key wine moments that have shaped my love and appreciation for this fascinating subject. The first was a wine tasting in Myanmar (Burma), a country that only recently opened its doors to tourists. An incredible vineyard, situated close to the beautiful Inle lake.  I was joined by a group of backpackers, one of whom now happens to be my closest friend.

The next occurred whilst I was working in a hotel bar, I was extremely fortunate to share a first release bottle of 2004 Nyetimber rosé. This vintage was so small that the bottle was produced without a standard label. Although some oxidation had occurred the sparkling wine was still beautifully balanced, complex and a joy to drink.

The third and final key event was actually about people. Friends who had previously expressed a dislike of wine and seeing them enjoy a bottle for the first time. This is one of the key factors that must always be remembered when discussing this subject. It's about what you enjoy rather than what you are told to enjoy, your opinion is as important as the next persons' and it's better to try and not like, than to never try at all.

One of my greatest wine accomplishments is passing the WSET-Diploma . The Wines and Spirits Education Trust offers everyone a brilliant opportunity to learn more about all styles of wine. The levels range from level 1 to the Diploma (level 4) and it can be studied both in the classroom or online.

Having finishing studying Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Leeds I'm now embarking on studying a Masters in Viticulture and Oenology at Plumpton College in Sussex.


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