Frequently asked questions

How can I work with Every Glass Matters? 

Every Glass Matters is always keen to work with new companies, brands and people. The best way to do this is via email; 



Taste, taste, taste. Try everything you can get your hands on and start reading a variety of books and blogs. If you are keen to get qualifications then I would thoroughly recommend WSET. They offer a range of courses to suit all knowledge levels.

Im a student how do i enjoy wine?

Students are just as capable of enjoying good wine. Most universities have wine societies that offer a range of tasting events allowing you to try a diverse panel of wines at a reduced price. If your university does not have a society or are looking to begin one then please contact me and I can offer my guidance. 

Where else can I find Every Glass Matters?

Every Glass Matters is also available on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. My work is also published in Drinks Retailing News, The Gryphon and Bordeaux Wines UK. 

Where should I go to buy wine? 

There are many companies that sell wine in the UK. We are extremely fortunate in the array of diverse wines we are able to purchase. I always like to support small, independent retailers but I strongly believe that you can find some outstanding examples of wine in all the major supermarkets. 

I only like one type of wine, what should i do? 

I am asked this one a lot, whether it be white, red or a particular grape variety many people believe they only like one type of wine. First I would say its absolutely fine if you want to stick to what you like, drinking wine is about enjoyment. To get more out of this fascinating subject then I would suggest you start to explore similar wines to those you love. This could be a grape with similar characteristics or the same variety from a different country or region. If you have decided that you don't like a style or variety then I would recommend trying to acknowledge what it is you don't like and then looking for another example that doesnt have that characteristic. 

I want to keep my wine fresher for longer, how?

First you need to decide how long and what you are willing to spend. The cheaper option, a hand held vacuum pump gives you less time and is of lower quality but can increase the open storage time but 3-4 days. I would personally recommend the Coravin system. This device removes oxygen from the bottle replacing it with non-toxic, non-reactive argon gas keeping your wine as fresh as if it was unopened. Currently this system is only available for wines with a cork seal.