Fernão Pires

One of the most planted Portuguese white varieties Fernão Pires is grown throughout Portugal. Key areas are Lisboa, next door Tejo and Bairrada. In this latter area, the variety is better known as Maria Gomes. The grape can be used in a range of styles such as sweet and sparkling wines. However, it is most commonly used to produce dry, white wines. It is often found blended with other Portuguese whites, notably Artino.

The high yields of the grape can be a draw to bulk wine producers however, the flavours will be much more simple. Even better low yielding vines can produce relatively simple wines but with great winemaking skill bright, fruity aromas can be seen. Typical flavours include lemon, limes, tangerine, orange and occasionally the wines can have attractive floral notes.


A small amount of production is now being seen in South Africa, however, it is far from significant.