A relatively unknown grape that is making headway in the UK market and is now starting to appear in a few, good wine stores. It is thought to of originated from Galicia region in north-west Spain.

It is structurally similar in style to Chardonnay, with a well-balanced body, flavour intensity and acidity. This means that like its famous counterpart it does well with short barrel ageing and time on its lees.

In terms of the flavour profile, it is a green fruit wine. Strong flavours of apples and pears are abundant. The wine can even move towards the warmer fruit flavours such as melon. It can also have an unusual spicy tone that makes for a rememberable glass. When it has spent time in one its lees (dead yeasts) the wine has a creamier, richer palate.

Key regions


Galicia - Valdeorras DO

In north-west Spain this grape shines. In particular, the stand out region of Valdeorras DO. This area surrounds the river Sil and translates as the ‘Valley of Gold’. The terrain is what makes this area special, its alluvial soils suit Godello perfectly, enhancing the fresh and mineral notes the grape has on offer. When the grape spends time on its lees, as it often does fuller, richer, creamy flavours are very evident balancing well with the mineral tones.


A small amount of the grape is grown in Northern Portugal but it is far from significant. It has previously been confused with Verdelho but DNA analysis has shown they are different varieties.