Even though it has been on the UK public radar for a number of years now there is still a huge confusion around this grape. Better known as the grape that makes Picpoul de Pinet, this is a high acid, full-bodied white grape. The grape is most commonly called Piquepoul or Picpoul. Folle Blanche (grown in Cognac) is also sometimes called Picpoul but this isn’t related to the grapes grown in the South of France.

If that isn’t confusing enough the grape exists as both a white (Piquepoul blanc) or red (Piquepoul noir) variety. The red version is permitted as one of the 13 varieties allowed in the world famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation, however, plantings are very small.

The key flavours are fresh lemon, lime and citrus peel. The better examples can also have flavours of almonds and flint-like notes.

Key regions:



More specifically the AOC Picpoul de Pinet appellation (AOC- Appellation d'origine controlee). It is a relatively young appellation, starting in 2013.

The appellation covers a large area but the wines are generally very similar, fresh, tangy with flavours of lemons and limes.


The variety is also used in a number of sweeter Portuguese rosé